So it has been a while ..

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget about your life on the Internet. But I am back and am so excited about all the new projects that I am working on at the Daily and in school. Before I start a mad posting spree, I thought I would post my new obsessions in books and blogs.

Recently I picked up a few new books off Amazon.

The first I had originally found at the Walker Art Center Gift Shop and waited for the day that I would make another book shopping spree. The book, Designing Media (which has a website) details the changing media environment and influential people who have helped shape and design today’s media. Here is a brief summary:

Mainstream media, often known simply as MSM, have not yet disappeared in a digital takeover of the media landscape. But the long-dominant MSM-television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books-have had to respond to emergent digital media.

Newspapers have interactive Web sites; television broadcasts over the Internet; books are published in both electronic and print editions. In Designing Media, Bill Moggridge examines connections and conflicts between old and new media, describing how the MSM have changed and how new patterns of media consumption are emerging.

Being a news and editorial design junkie, this book spiked my interest. The book just came in the mail last night, so I am looking forward to sitting down and reading all the interviews.

The second is not as much of a book as it is an award book. Actually it is an awards book! I have been wanted to start a collection of The Best of News Design award books for a while but just haven’t gotten to ordering a few. Being a poor college student, I can’t afford the new ones and we aren’t getting them at the Daily either, so I decided to buy a used one from a few years back.

Voila! The Best of Newspaper Design #27! I still have yet to become a member of the Society for News Design, but soon. I am really excited to pour over the pages and see all the inspirational front pages and news layouts.


Besides books, I have fallen into a deep obsession with a few blogs.

The first I Love Typography has really gotten me in trouble. I have found myself reading their posts obsessively during times that I should be working on other things or socializing instead of glued to my smartphone! What I really like about their blog is that they regularly/irregularly post A week in Typography with really great links surrounding anything that has to do with typography.

Some of my recent reads? Good question. Let me share:

1. The making of FF Tundra.

Amazing. I have to admit as much as I would like to think I am, I am not a type expert. In fact, I am really quite inexperienced in the art of typography. But I have found it something I can’t quite shake. Typography, like news, is like crack and I can’t help but fall into a deep hole of obsession. This post dives into the mind of the designer of Tundra, Ludwig Obele. I found it fascinating the thought process behind the type and the inspiration in the stylist qualities of the font.  I really love the part where he explains how he determines a good typeface:

“Why a typeface is legible, why it appears fresh or lively is much more complicated and difficult to specify. Rhythm can’t be reduced to a fence pattern. And to create harmonious letterforms it’s much better to follow your own feeling for forms rather than follow rules. Very often I’m unable to point out why I like a typeface and why it creates an enjoyable image of text; or, conversely, why it fails. Therefore, I try to track my own eye, and how it describes a path through the text, across the line, and through the words. Is it a pleasing and fluid movement, or does it stutter and stall? But still I can’t precisely describe why a typeface works.”

2. Who shot the Serif?

I mean the title says it all.


3. TEDxUCLA Andrew Byrn : If H is a chair

I am faciniated by his approach to design type and translating it into physical objects. Compared to the wacky nerdy type designers (which I love) sitting at a desk, I love his push to making them into words that interact within a space. I think it’s such an integrating way to look at type design and interesting how typography can mix in with industrial design.

Additional Blogs that I check routinely:

The Design Observer


The Cut

Type Directors Club


Wooster Collective

Newseum – Today’s Front Pages

As you can see I have fell off the deep end in my media consumption.

I think I am going to end with this. I have slowly fallen into a deep obsession with work and typography that I don’t know if I will ever be able to climb out of, but I love it! Within the next week I am going to work on posting some of my work from the end of my summer internship at Minnesota Premier Publications and a few project from the Minnesota Daily!

Also, I have been working as a web manager with the US Green Building Council – Minnesota Chapter. It’s nothing big, just routine updates, but you should definitely check out the site because what they are going is incredibly cool!

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